Sole Representative Visa Business Plan

Sole Representative Visa Business Plan

UK Sole Representative Visa Business Plan

Since the cessation of the Entrepreneur visa for new businesses in the UK, the UK sole Representative visa has become very popular.

The Sole Representative visa allows an Overseas Business to send a senior or executive representative to the UK to set up a branch office.  Although the representative cannot own more than 50% of the business, may senior employees and business partners and owners find this to be a suitable visa for their UK investments.

Business Plan Requirements for the UK Sole Representative Visa

A good Business plan needs to be submitted with your application to set out how the business meets the unique requirements of the UK immigration rules.

The business plan provides an overview of the business and its establishments with immigration requirements in mind.

Our business plan will address UK visa rules and provide the following information to the immigration officer

  • Executive summary providing information to confirm that the company is a genuine trading business.
  • That the company has no branch, subsidiary or other representatives in the UK;
  • Sets out the aim of establishing a branch in the UK that operates in the same business area as the overseas business.

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