E2 Visa Lawyer Shropshire

E2 Visa Lawyer Shropshire

E2 Visa Lawyer Shropshire offers U.S Immigration solutions to British Citizens and all those residents in the UK.  We offer an excellent service and are quickly able to understand a client’s case and plan accordingly.

Our main immigration lawyer is dual qualified as a U.S Attorney and a UK Solicitor, dealing with US Immigration and UK Immigration and therefore able to help many blended families and businesses.

An Overview of the E2 Visa in US Immigration

In US immigration, the E2 visa is necessary for primary investors and currently there is no annual cap or quota for their issuance. They are unlimited in number and available to those that apply for them. For applications and appeals you should always contact an E2 attorney in the nation. The E2 Visa is also called the business or the investor’s visa.

More on the E2 Visa

 This visa is issued for 2-5 year periods. The visa can be renewed for as long the investor is operating the business and it generates sufficient revenue for supporting the family of the investor. This visa also covers the spouse and the children of the investor till 21 years old. The E2 visa is intended for people who wish to buy a small business or a franchisee in the USA, investors in real estate and individuals who are keen to retire in the USA.


Ownership By Investor-: It allows foreigners to own majority share in  US Company. Unlike many countries, there is no requirement that a U.S. citizen or resident own any interest in the investment.

Duration :- E2 Visa can be renewed for 10, 20 30 years . In a nutshell it can be renewed indefinately.

Short Processing Time :- No waiting period compared to other work visas like H1B, E2 Visa renewals normaly take 2 – 6months, For those investors making application abroad, the processing time may vary from two months to as little as two days.

Permission To Work In U. S :- The E-2 visa allows the principal investor to be actively employed in the investment enterprise. He may be paid salary and/or draw dividends or receive benefits similar to those of United States workers. dependent spouses and children are able to work after obtaining an (EAD).

Ownership Of Real Estate :- E-2 visa holders are free to purchase homes or other real estate while in the United States. Upon termination of E-2 status the investors are not required to liquidate these holding.

For further queries and advice it is advised that you should consult a skilled and experienced E2 Visa lawyer for knowing processes and procedures for application. When you are applying for the E2 visa, you must ensure your investment should be in a bona fide enterprise and not be a marginal investment. As an investor, you must be coming to the nation to invest in an existing or new business enterprise.